Your juniors and seniors are selecting colleges and you’re a little worried. How are they going to find good friends and mentors so they can grow in Christ? How are they going to avoid some of the dangerous traps? How are they going to take everything I’ve taught them and apply it to the real world on their own? Campus Ministry Link can help you equip your students to do all of the above!

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Find Christian communities on university campus


college Christian faith group search


Christian communities on campus


Search Campus Ministry Link and find Christian communities on your campus.

Tool to connect Christian college students on campus


Before you arrive on campus, connect with Christian students you meet through the site, so you are plugged in right away!

College Christian leaders on campus


In college and beyond, the multiplied number of Christian leaders will influence society. This could truly change the world!

Christian college freshmen faith groups on campus

Studies have shown that the first 72 hours are critical to whether or not you continue following Jesus in college, so it’s important that you take steps to get plugged into a ministry and/or church and meet those that will help to encourage you and build you up in your faith early.

How To Use This Site

Christianity on campus


You have spent years investing into the students who are now graduating. Preserve and multiply your valuable investment. Our special pastor and youth worker dashboard will enable you to see the activity of any student you enter into our system so you can help every college-bound graduate you know get connected with a thriving community of faith in college.

With just a quick glance you can see which students have already found a church or ministry and which still need some help. Students, of course, have the choice at any time to turn off this feature and find a ministry on their own.

Meet other Christian college students on campus


Our pastor and youth worker dashboard will enable you to communicate with any college ministry or church that your students connect with.

Meet Christian college communities
Faith community search in college


Campus Ministry Link is a tool that connects students to college ministries before they even arrive on campus! With information available on nearly every campus and campus ministry, the purpose is to ensure that every Christian college freshman finds a group where they can grow in their faith and share the message of Jesus with their peers.

Youth Leaders: What Can You Do?

You have a key role in informing parents and working with the students to help them take ownership of their faith and the road ahead of them.

Connect with Christian students on campus


Download this Parent Email and Download this Student Email editing as you wish and using this to start the communication. This shows families how to engage, and makes them aware of resources on this site.   Christian schools can use this as well.

Log in as a Youth Leader and you will be presented with the option to invite students (and parents if you like) to participate on Campus Ministry Link.  Once you have invited them you will be able to help disciple them right into their first year of college or so by being able to follow their activity and encourage them.

This is the first time in our nation that Youth Leaders have a tool to intentionally help assure your students thrive in college!

Christian youth group meets in college


Use the Student page to introduce Campus Ministry Link to your youth group.  Start by showing the video and ask students what stories they have heard of success in transition and stories where students walked away from serving Christ.  Share your own story and stories that you are aware of.  Then go through each of the bullets under College Transition Tips.  As homework, ask them (and their parents) to register, search various colleges, and share what they learned at your next meeting!

Church youth groups on campus


Download the CML Media Kit to present to your church. This helpful kit includes handouts, videos, announcement slides, and bulletin words. Post a link to the home page on your church website and social media accounts.

College campus local pastors


Use this Email to share with other pastors you know.  This will help you start a “Every Student Sent” movement in your city that has real and immediate impact in increasing the numbers of our youth growing their faith in college.  Churches, college ministries, and youth ministries are collaborating to multiply laborers for the harvest in their cities.  See this Blog Post and Connect with other youth workers at National Network of Youth Ministries.

Community college campus churches


If you weekly serve a good number of students from a local university, you can apply for a free listing of your church on Campus Ministry Link. This way, students and their parents will find you when looking for a college.  Simply go to “Get Started” and register as a College Ministry.  Then go to your Dashboard under the Ministry Pages tab and click on Add a Ministry.  We will review and get back to you if we have any questions on qualification.

Other Useful Tips:

Teach the importance of community in college

Show students what a blessing it is to do life with other believers in college and how important it is for them to reach others who aren’t believers yet. Through this, it’ll be easy to motivate them to begin using Campus Ministry Link as part of their Junior year college search.

Encourage relational connections

With high school seniors, encourage them to begin reaching out to campus ministry leaders at colleges they’ve applied to or at the college they’ve chosen. Tell students to meet up with them during orientation or during the first few days of classes.

Plan a college experience night

During Christmas Break, or in May, ask college freshmen who’ve returned home to share testimonies about what they’ve seen God do in their first semester of college. This will be a great way to motivate those still in high school to get connected!

Take a college field trip

Arrange a visit to sample college ministry at a nearby university with some of your students. Get in touch with college ministry staff there to see if your students can meet them or even attend one of their events.

College prep resources for families

See these practical Parent & Student Resources to help your students find the right career and major, avoid crippling college debt, prepare for the SAT/ACT and other ways to assist the college process.

How connection changed Black Rock Church

Black Rock Church in Fairfield, CT used to experience the typical 70% loss as their students were graduating. 

“Last year I had all of my high school students participate…All were greatly challenged to be spiritually ready for college. Most were blown away by the idea that their first 72 hours at college were the most important in staying strong in their faith. As they have started college, they say that much of what they learned was true about their first days at college. Many of them were plugged into campus ministries quickly because of this. The result? All of our graduates continued in their faith!”

-Jeremy Taylor, HS Director, Black Rock Community Church, CT 

Also, read this magazine article about how students “Survive, Thrive and Start Awakenings.”

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