Are you excited about your next season of life and starting college? Whether you’re in high school, preparing for college, or you’re already on campus, Campus Ministry Link can help!

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Search Campus Ministry Link and find Christian communities on your campus.

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Before you arrive on campus, connect with Christian students you meet through the site, so you are plugged in right away!

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In college and beyond, the multiplied number of Christian leaders will influence society. This could truly change the world!

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Studies have shown that the first 72 hours are critical to whether or not you continue following Jesus in college, so it’s important that you take steps to get plugged into a ministry and/or church and meet those that will help to encourage you and build you up in your faith early.

How to use this site

Christian friends on college campus


Campus Ministry Link will enable you to instantly search for and send a private message to a leader from any ministry or church with a college group at any college you are interested in.

Connect with Christian students


Campus Ministry Link has partnerships with most every Christian college ministry in the country. Our goal is to get you connected with a thriving Christ-centered community of faith. Soon we will also have ways you can connect with other incoming Christian Freshmen at your college.

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We don’t promote any one church or ministry over another. There are lots of strong churches and ministries. Once you register you will be able to see specific information and images from any of the ministries or churches working with students at any college before you message them. You choose who you want to connect with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the messaging work?

Campus Ministry Link has a built in messaging system. When you want to contact a ministry, you will fill out a standard information request form. The representative of that ministry will receive a notification about your request, and respond over Campus Ministry Link. You will then receive a notification and can communicate through the messaging system from there.

What happens if I don't hear back from a ministry I contacted?

We will automatically send reminders to the campus ministry representative if they do not reply back to you after a certain amount of days. Remember, it is possible the representative could be out of the office, out of town, or out sick. Though it is rare, it could take a week or more to hear back initially.

Who can I contact if I am having technical difficulties with the site?

We apologize for any errors you may experience on the site. Simply email us at and include information about the issue you are experiencing and we will get back to you promptly with a solution.

What if I am not sure where I am going to school yet?

It is totally fine for you to reach out to ministries even if you don’t know for sure if you’re going to that college. You may even want to check out some ministries to help you discern which school God is leading you to!


Campus Ministry Link is a tool that connects students to college ministries before they even arrive on campus! With information available on nearly every campus and campus ministry, the purpose is to ensure that every Christian college freshman finds a group where they can grow in their faith and share the message of Jesus with their peers.

College Transition Tips

Set up a phone or video call

When you find some ministries you like and have communicated with their representative, ask if they’d be willing to schedule a time to talk to you more, answer any questions you have, tell some stories, and make a more personal touchpoint.

Visit a ministry staff or student

Still trying to make a decision and visiting campuses? Going to campus for orientation? See if representatives from ministries you’re interested in will meet with you in person, show you around campus, and tell you more about themselves and their ministries. This is a great way to make friends before moving to campus!

Prepare for college

Find great resources on this site to help you prepare for college! See these Practical Resources to help you choose a major and career, avoid crippling college debt, prepare for the SAT/ACT and assist in other areas.

When you get to campus

Most ministries will have introduction events in that first week or so of classes. Put those on your calendar when you find out about them from the ministry representatives or at orientation, and attend the ones you’re interested in.

Get involved

It’s completely okay to visit several ministries, especially during that first semester of college. However, it’s good to commit yourself to one group and to ask God which is the best fit for you that will make up your core group of friends and be the main place you serve.

Go to a local church

A good way to choose a ministry is to find one that carpools to local churches you’re interested in on Sunday mornings. This will provide an easy way to invite non-Christian friends you meet in your dorm to come to church with you.