Your juniors and seniors are selecting colleges and you’re a little worried. How are they going to find good friends and mentors so they can grow in Christ? How are they going to avoid some of the dangerous traps? How are they going to take everything I’ve taught them and apply it to the real world on their own? Campus Ministry Link can help you equip your students to do all of the above!


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Did you know?


of Christian teens are choosing to no longer follow Jesus their first year of college.


Not only are so many Christian freshman failing to connect to faith communities, but they are also missing the opportunity to be transforming agents on their campus. A huge opportunity for laborers in the harvest is missed every year in the most influential people group in our nation.


Campus Ministry Link is a tool that connects students to college ministries before they even arrive on campus! With information available on nearly every campus and campus ministry, the purpose is to ensure that every Christian college freshman finds a group where they can grow in their faith and reach their peers.


Walk through the system with your student

It is crucial for you to be part of the process! You help guide your child toward the fitting career, major, right college, and prepare them to be independent. We encourage you to sit down with your student, create an account and go through the site with them.

Share your experiences

We encourage you to look through the student information page and personally reinforce what you see there with your own stories and guidance.

Prepare your student for college

We want to help you guide your student to thrive in college and beyond. 

See this blog article and where you can learn to avoid a crippling level of students debt, and find other resources such as ways to select a major, apologetics, and college student testimony videos to inspire your teen.


We long to see this valuable tool reach every Christian student in our nation. Imagine if 100% of our youth transitioned into a transformative Christian community! Please consider donating to make that dream a reality! Donate online now.

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How connection changed Black Rock Church

Black Rock Church in Fairfield, CT used to experience the typical 70% loss as their students were graduating. 

“Last year I had all of my high school students participate…All were greatly challenged to be spiritually ready for college. Most were blown away by the idea that their first 72 hours at college were the most important in staying strong in their faith. As they have started college, they say that much of what they learned was true about their first days at college. Many of them were plugged into campus ministries quickly because of this. The result? All of our graduates continued in their faith!”

-Jeremy Taylor, HS Director, Black Rock Community Church, CT 

Also, read this magazine article about how students “Survive, Thrive and Start Awakenings.”

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