Insights from Leaders


Josh McDowell

Cru / Josh McDowell Ministry

“When Christian college freshmen are alone, their faith rarely survives in today’s college environment. The good news is that when they’re connected in advance to campus ministries, churches, and Christian friends, they not only survive, but thrive and impact their classmates. Campus Ministry Link will help parents, churches, and ministries to turn the tide so this generation can now become the leaders of tomorrow.”


Ronnie Floyd

Former President, Southern Baptist Convention

“One of the biggest challenges we have, is transitioning the faith toward the future. One of the things that breaks our heart is when we see them not carry their faith forward. I have come across a ministry that you need to part of: Campus Ministry Link. You can upload your students and expose them to collegiate ministries and churches who have all partnered together to carry the faith we have invested in them all these years to the future. This has the potential to change the world!” – VIDEO / SBC Article


Scott Martin

Senior National Dir., Assemblies of God, Chi Alpha

“We are all about discipleship and Campus Ministry Link. Cru, InterVarsity, Navigators, RUF, Chi Alpha, and Chi Alpha are all part of Campus Ministry Link.  It’s a beautiful collaboration and partnership to help us make sure that we can be an effective umbrella and covering for those Christian students who are coming on the campus.”


Kevin Palau

President, Luis Palau Association & City Gospel Movements

The challenge we all face is raising up the younger generation of leaders. When they make that transition from high school to college often their faith begins to wane because they don’t get connected to the right campus ministries or churches at the college campus. We’ve got to do a better job keeping our young future leaders of the church engaged in the community. It’s wonderful to see the church working together in city after city with city gospel movements, but keeping our students engaged in their college years so they come out on-fire for the Lord is one of the most important things we can possibly do. Campus Ministry Link is designed to combat that very important problem and is the best tool I’ve seen that helps us do that.


Nick Hall

President and CEO, Mission America Coalition

“Whether you are a student heading off to college, a parent, or church leader, you need to know about Campus Ministry Link. While many stats talk about a generation walking away from faith once they step foot on a university campus, I believe that college can and should be some of the best days of your faith journey! For that to happen, making the right spiritual connections is crucial, and that’s where Campus Ministry Link comes in. Hop on the site and learn about some exciting opportunities to connect with others and grow in your faith long before that first day on campus. Don’t just go to college, be a change agent for Jesus!”


Pastor Craig Terndrup

Gateway Church Dallas

“I want to encourage you to use a tool that is so important in placing high school students when then graduate into a good university environment. Campus Ministry Link is providing the missing link in the hearts of so many parents and pastors. How do we take these precious high school kids and send them off to a campus environment and ensure that they will have a good spiritual experience and come home full of faith? This is the right tool for you!” – VIDEO


Mark Gauthier

Exec. Dir., Cru

“I want to encourage you as you think about your transition to a college campus to think about how you’re going to develop spiritually. We want to encourage you to connect up with Campus Ministry Link. It’s a resource to help you connect up with a vibrant Christian community. That will make all the difference in your life of what God has in store for you.”


Jason Thomas

Exec. Vice President, InterVarsity

“Don’t do the college experience alone. Plug into community. A great way to do that is to check out Campus Ministry Link for communities that already exist on your campus. Think about the university as a place God’s calling you to serve and love the campus with a group of believers together. Campus Ministry Link is a great way to find out what God is doing there and inviting you into.”


York Moore

National Evangelist, InterVarsity

“I think a part of how God is going to move in power in these coming days is through incoming freshmen, and connecting them with college ministries and churches before they even arrive on the college campus. Campus Ministry Link has come about through this collaborative vision of reaching college campuses for Christ. It’s important to get the word out now! This is a part of how we’re going to prepare for this mighty move of God.” – VIDEO


Ken Larson

US Collegiate Dir., The Navigators

“I’d like to encourage you as a senior or as a parent to take the time to connect with Campus Ministry Link. The first 3 weeks of college are critical! I know you leave with great intentions but it’s easy to get busy and caught up with classes and friends and roommates. This is an easy way to get linked up and connect with more than one ministry until you figure out who you really connect with.”


Daryl Nuss

Exec. Dir. / CEO, National Network of Youth Ministries

“I enthusiastically endorse the Campus Ministry Link. With today’s typical collegiate environment, it is critical that we help our precious Christian high school seniors transition well toward meaningful relationships, discipleship and outreach opportunities when they arrive on campus. Working together in this effort is a vital investment in the future of our future leaders, churches, and our society.”


Jeremy Taylor

Former HS Dir., Black Rock Community Church

Black Rock Community Church used to experience the typical 70% loss as their students were graduating. “Last year I had all of my high school students participate…All were greatly challenged to be spiritually ready for college. Most were blown away by the idea that their first 72 hours at college were the most important in staying strong in their faith. As they have started college, they say that much of what they learned was true about their first days at college. Many of them were plugged into campus ministries quickly because of this. The result? All of our graduates continued in their faith!” – VIDEO

Scott Martin

Senior National Dir., Assemblies of God, Chi Alpha

Mark Gauthier

Exec. Dir., Cru

Jason Thomas

Exec. Vice President, InterVarsity

Amanda Tewksbury

FCA Area Director, Central New York

Campus Ministry Link seeks to answer the important question of how young adults entering college can continue their faith journeys with Christ. Working with high school students on a daily basis, I see the pressures and voices surrounding them as they go into the season of college life. This organization has an organized and collaborative approach that is a helpful tool for our future leaders to encourage them to keep following the voice of Christ.

Dr. Neal Capone

Head of School, Faith Heritage, Syracuse, NY

I am thankful for Campus Ministry Link and their commitment to equipping parents, students, churches, and schools with the information and tools needed to help young people transition from childhood to a life of Christian living and service. The journey from adolescence to young adulthood is a challenging one as children begin to own their own faith. CML helps by outfitting those on this journey to help them overcome the trappings of this world and cling to Jesus Christ.

Bill Keith

President, Business Men’s Fellowship

“The Christian business community wants to see cultural change in our cities, and substantially increasing the number of world-changing Christian college grads through Campus Ministry Link is the best way I know to do that.”

Guy Rodgers

President, Pinnacle Forum

“As a business leadership ministry president, central to what I do is to help Christian leaders discover and live out their unique God-callings within what are known as the Seven Mountains of Culture. Of great concern to me is the empirical data revealing how many Christian teens abandon church and any semblance of a walk with Christ within a few years of attending college. Campus Ministry Link is a historic coalition of college ministries, youth ministries, denominations and business groups focused on helping college-bound teens survive this transition to college and discover their God-callings for life and service after college. I believe this effort will greatly expand the number of Kingdom-minded college graduates and is essential to God’s working at this time in our society”.

Dave Parks

Upstate New York Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Rochester, NY

As young adults leave their homes and step onto college campuses across the nation, their lives dramatically change. Typically, the parental check-ins and adult mentors that have been such an important part of their lives to this point, are no longer there to spur them on in their faith journey. Campus Ministry Link is so vital because it helps students to establish new relationships in these areas that will continue to foster their Christian growth.

Rick Snavely

CEO, Family Life Network Radio – Rochester, NY

Campus Ministry Link’s concept in working with parents and new college students to connect these students to resources that will help them to continue with their faith in Christ on the college campus is an idea we can totally support and encourage others to do the same!

Rev. Dr Jack Connell

Vice President, Northeastern Seminary – Rochester, NY

“As a parent, pastor, and educator, I’m deeply concerned about the spiritual trajectory of today’s youth – and deeply grateful for Campus Ministry Link’s efforts to reverse the trend.”

Rev George Grace

Senior Pastor, First Bible Baptist Church – Rochester, NY

It is becoming common knowledge that there is a large dropout rate among our Christian high school students after graduation. Campus Ministry Link is coming along side students, parents, and churches to help make this important transition into higher education and adult life, a huge success.

Rich Ryfun

Family Pastor, Believers Chapel, Former Chair, Syracuse Area Youth Workers – Syracuse, NY

“Thank God for Campus Ministry Link. It is one of the biggest tools we as youth ministers need to protect our years of investments into our students.”

Lou Giordano

Senior Pastor, Life Church – Syracuse, NY

Parents have forgotten how difficult college life is for Christian students. Campus Ministry Link empowers students to not only keep their faith, but thrive in their spiritual life at college.

Dr. George Miller

Senior Pastor, North Syracuse Baptist Church – Syracuse, NY

As a past college president, I understand the importance of helping connect college students with churches and ministries that will help them succeed academically and spiritually. Campus Ministry Link will enable students to connect to a network that helps them live meaningful lives for God. Campus Renewal meets a vital need that has been lacking.

Pastor Jake Sorber

North Syracuse Baptist Church – Syracuse, NY

In my years as a Youth Pastor, I’ve been trying to prepare my graduating students for the challenges of college life. I’ve attempted to connect them with churches and campus ministries before they reach college. Campus Ministry Link is a tremendous resource for me to help my students navigate this critical time in life.

Nathan Gunn

Young Life Area Director

Campus Ministry Link is an idea we have prayed for during the last 10 years. It is now here, and will reassure parents that their high school seniors can be connected to a thriving university Christian community before going to college.

Wayne Taylor

General Manager, Mars Hill Network

Campus Ministry Link is no longer a casual option, but a necessity for every student heading into a secular and very often spiritually hostile environment. I highly recommend their ministry!” As a father who has experienced great concern about the “new world” that my children will face transitioning into college life, I am at greater ease knowing that when that day comes my children may be embraced by a known believing community connected through Campus Ministry Link.