You spend the first few weeks of the school year recruiting Christian freshmen for your organization. What if those freshmen were already plugged in by the time they arrived on campus and helped your ministry reach out to non-believers instead? With Campus Ministry Link, that’s now possible!

Did you know?


of Christian teens are choosing to no longer follow Jesus their first year of college.

Not only are so many Christian freshman failing to connect to faith communities, they are also missing the opportunity to transform their campuses. A huge opportunity for laborers in the harvest is missed every year in the most influential people group in our nation.


Campus Ministry Link aims to reverse the 70% statistic of Christian youth walking away from their faith in college. The number of Christian freshmen on campuses could at least double! If these students then continue growing throughout their years in college, many more Christian graduates will be launched into society as world changers!

Want to promote Campus Ministry Link to your church?

Rather than spending those first few months of the school year recruiting freshmen, meet students through Campus Ministry Link to help with new student outreach! This valuable time can now be focused on reaching non-believing freshmen in the weeks where they’re most open to the Gospel. 

More laborers for your ministry!

TIPS – How to Connect with Students

Displaying Your Ministry's Information

If your ministry is a part of a larger, national organization, students may already see your ministry’s corporate website and description. On your page, you can add a website and description that is specific to your local chapter. If your ministry is not a part of a larger, national organization, you will need to create a new listing. Campus Ministry Link will contact you once your ministry has been approved. You can go to your portal anytime to edit contact information, supply a website or Facebook page links, post about upcoming events, or restrict information.

Utilizing the First 72 Hours

Studies show that the first 72 hours on campus are crucial for determining what group a student associates with during college. To take advantage of this, reach out to students you’ve connected with through Campus Ministry Link, take them out for coffee, help them find their classes, or simply invite them to your ministry’s first gathering.

Using the Campus Ministry Link Messaging System

Once you enter the portal, you will see messages sent to you by students, and occasionally parents or youth pastors, under the “My Messages” tab. Campus Ministry Link will send you one email notification a day with all of your messages, if you’ve received any, and a link to enter the site. 

Following Up

Students will message you to request more info about your ministry through the Campus Ministry Link system. We recommend scheduling a time to speak with them over the phone or meet with them in person during a campus visit. 

Communicating Outside the System

Once you have made an initial connection by responding to a student’s message, the student will be able to see any email address and phone number you supply. You can then continue communicating within the Campus Ministry Link site, or outside through your preferred way of communication.


Here is something very powerful you can do to spread the movement, and bring more students to your ministry and ministries across the US. Whether your students are on campus or on break, you can encourage them to alert their home churches to Campus Ministry Link. Just email or message your students with:

Hey Student: Now you can help your pastor and parents assure that all students in your church are connected to college ministries.  Just email or message them with something like below:

“Hey Pastor/Parent, I’m really benefiting from college ministry, and would love to see all the high school juniors and seniors in our church connect with college ministries and churches in advance to prevent the typical 70% college faith drop off and engage them on mission.  Now all you have to do is go to and follow the 5 steps on the Youth Leader button.”


If you weekly serve a good number of students from a local university, you can apply for a free listing of your ministry or church on Campus Ministry Link. This way, students and their parents will find you when looking for a college.

Simply go to “Get Started” and register as a College Ministry. Then go to your Dashboard under the Ministry Pages tab and click on Add a Ministry. We will review and get back to you if we have any questions on qualification.